2017.2.1 | NEWS


RAINDIA is a 5 piece visual kei band with roots from the 90’s music scene and entirely self-produced music.
Beauty is a feature of both the lyrics and melodies and the lyrics are written in a literary way and involve feelings of anger, conflict, and doubt about situations that many can relate to.
The story created by the composition is strong, and similarly, their live performances include both intensity and melancholy emotion.
The five member’s individual characters are strong with each person’s different hair color, but they skillfully become entwined on stage, expressing a world through their musical performance.

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他们热衷于90年代的音乐曲风,所有词曲全部由乐队的成员进行创作。拥有丰富感情色彩的歌词,加上跃动的音乐旋律,是RAINDIA特有的标志。 新曲「トラッシュジュウス」,以优美的旋律为主,巧妙的与第二首,第三首歌曲相呼应,逆时代的气息倍感强烈。 主唱三好健用富有文学性的词汇,描写了发生在身边一些事情的愤怒、矛盾,以及疑问。脾气不同,而又个性强烈的5个人,为了可以将乐曲的故事性更强烈的表现出来,在乐队现场演出时,他们诠释着各自特有的情感,同时彼此间,也默契的相互呼应着。 2017年,RAINDIA将在东京的池袋EDGE(CAP:250)和キネマ倶楽部(CAP:600)举办ONEMAN LIVE。 我们期待他们未来的成长,将会是值得我们等待的!